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Dear Customers,

We have an official,  announcement to make. The announcement is inspired by the future of our brand PB Products, as well as of the company’s other brands Rozemeijer, SKILLS Carp Tackle and GoFish.

The Announcement

We will close the online brand-store shop www.pbproductsuk.co.uk per the 31st of March 2019. 

Before we close the web shop, we want to thank our online customers enormously for their purchases in the past and their unceasing loyalty! We cannot thank you enough! It is only because of you – our customers – that we grew so rapidly, got a huge fanbase as well as a huge demand for our products. Many, many thanks you all!

Be sure that all running orders will be delivered as normal. There is absolutely nothing to worry about.

The philosophy behind it

The reason to close the web shop is because the time has come to 100% support the UK retail shops and provide them our products instead of selling directly to consumer.

This means that we will officially stop selling directly to anglers.

Next to that, we will attend all important shows around the country, but we will only do so in cooperation with a retail customer of us from May on.

A lot of shops showed not only their interest in our brand PB Products; a lot of them decided to start selling our products in their stores already. And the numbers are growing rapidly.

The next phase

We have arrived in the next phase as a brand and as a business.

We would like to accompany our products with very professional advice, to make sure all products will be explained and demonstrated to you properly. We believe that this is only possible in the best stores in the UK. We will treat these retailers with professional care, provide them merchandise promotion items as well as full media attention on our brands.

As a top brand, we will make sure that in every region – with a radius of up to 20 miles – our program will be present in a store that suits you. The stores which are selling our products (and the stores that will start selling our products) will do everything to inform you as well as possible on a product level. We see that as added value.

If you, as an angler, want to see our products in the store of your preference, please ask the store owner to get in contact with us. We will be more than happy to get in contact with them and make sure our products will be found in your living area! Retailers can get in contact with us on:

[email protected]

and on the following mobile numbers:
07341-847566 (Jonathon Greenall, director UK)


07554-434300 (Keith Williams, brandmanager PB Products UK)

A premium brand deserves Premium attention

To make sure all our UK activities will be taken care of the best possible way, we as a brand will be opening up an official showroom and offices in the UK as well.

So, where other companies are leaving the UK because of all Brexit issues, we do it the other way around to support the UK the best we can!

That is partly to emphasize our gratitude to our wonderful customers; you as an angler!

 Come on guys! Let’s help the brand and the UK forward!

Yours sincerely,

The board of directors,

Jonathon Greenall
Marcel Ulje
Martijn Tijssen

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