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PB Products Jelly-Wire

In order to meet the demand for a superior, flexible, coated rig material PB Products set about creating the ultimate coated braid.. Nearly 14 years later its still a firm favourite in anglers tackle bags all over the world!!

This fast sinking hook link material has a round, smooth, braided inner core surrounded by a very easy to strip, semi stiff outer coating.
Supplied on spools of 20metres
Available in
15lb 25lb and 35lb
Gravel, Weed, and Silt colours

Pb products Skinless


The Skinless is a Coated hook-link material with an extremely rigid outer shell and a flexible, braided inner core.

Much more rigid than the Jelly-Wire, and a great addition to any tackle box, with its stiff, easy to strip coating and a supple inner, it can be used to create a range of rigs.

Skinless is available in 3 colours and 2 breaking strains

Weed 15lb, 25lb, 20m

Silt 15lb, 25lb, 20m

Gravel 15lb, 25lb, 20m

PB Products Chameleon

An extremely soft and supple hook-link braid.The broken colour creats a nice camoflague effect on the bed of the lake while the supple nature of the braid aids hooking and lets the bait move in a more natural manner.For long casting you may find the addition of a PVA nugget or a small PVA bag will help to prevent tangles. Available on spools of 20 meters in 15lb and 25 lb breaking strain.

Pb products Ghost Butterfly Fluorocarbon

The famous Ghost Butterfly is an outstanding fluorocarbon line, perfect for use as a stiff rig material, essential for all your stiff rigs.Available in 20lb, 27lb 20m per spool

PB Products Clear Skater Zig / Floater Hooklink

Our brand new dedicated Zig and Floater fishing hook link.

The clear skater has been developed over a 2 year testing period with a the same thought process that went into our Control Mono Mainline, that being high breaking strain yet keeping the diameter as low as possible.

Available on 100m spools and in 3 sizes:

• 0.20mm 8lb 100m

• 0.25mm 13lb 100m

• 0.30mm 17lb 100m


The latest hooklengh range has just landed and its a very special one developed from one of the best minds in carp fishing who loves to use silkwire as the supple uncoated alternative. Sinks like a brick for such a supple material this product is revolutionary no need for that putty or tungsten sinkers anymore silkwire ticks all the boxes

if your looking for a supple , strong , super abrasion resistant product then you have found it


Available in weed / Gravel / Silt

spools of 10 metre

20lb breaking strain

Pb Products Armabraid

Arma-Braid is a very smooth and supple fast sinking braid hook link material

It is designed as a hook link but with its strong abrasion properties, many users of Arma-Braid have found it perfect for short braided leaders

It is incredibly strong, durable and fast sinking, following any contours and blending in with the bed of the lake, out of sight of the wariest of carp.

It is supplied available in three colours and two breaking strains:

Gravel, 15lb, 25lb, 20m

Weed,  15lb, 25lb, 20m

Silt, 15lb, 25lb, 20m

PB Products “Green Hornet”

Green Hornet PB Products is classic, green coloured coated hooklink material that is very strong and rigid and has a very flexible core. Perfect for quickly creating combi-rigs and semi-stiff rigs.

Available in different tensile strengths of: 15lb & 25lb

PB Products Chod Mono Hooklink

Our brand new high memory Chod filament, a subtle green colour, with high knot strength.This has been developed over 3 years of testing. And the results have been fantastic

Available in three sizes:

15lb 0.40mm

20lb 0.45mm

25lb 0.50mm

Downforce Tungsten hooklink

Our brand new hooklink to come out is the Downforce Tungsten coated hooklink , People may ask why another? also why a tungsten braid when the market is already full of numerous brands doing a version of this .

We at Pb like to do things different and this is one of them times we are happy to bring to the market the heaviest tungsten hooklink braid available , we played about with numerous version over the last few years and there was very little comparison to others , so we went searching and we found what we believe to be the best , premium top quality and as always light years ahead

TOP TIP!!!! why not compare this to your already favourite product snip a section of each off and place in water , the results speak a thousand words we know you will not be disappointed.

Available in WEED AND SILT variants
10 metre  spools
20lb breaking strain

** Heavy sinking
** Supple inner
** Super durable
** Endless rig options



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