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Hair Hook bead rack - 30 pieces

Hair Hook bead rack – 30 pieces

Great product to use in replacement for silicone

Also great to use for Ronnie/German/360 Rig

PB Products Size 8 Ring Swivel

PB Ring Swivels are the standard size to fit all lead release clips and anti-tangle sleeves.

The extra ring allows more flexibilty for rigs.

Matt coated for less glare under water.

Size 8

8pcs per pack

PB Products Rapid Clip

A handy and slimline clip, ideal for quick changes of hooklinks.
Best used within our Rapid Clip Anti-Tangle Sleeve.

10pc per pack

PB Products Big Eye Swivel

The large eye on one end of this swivel ensures that it can travel over any leader knots.

This is imerative to the safety of a fish should a breakge occur on you mainline.
The Big Eye Swivel can be used very well in combination with systems like a Chod rig or Helicopter rig.
10 pieces per pack, size 8

PB Products Bait Swivel

A miniture yet perfectly engineered, and very strong swivel, for bait mounting.

7mm in length, it is perfect for D ring set up’s and Chod rig construction.

15pcs per pack

Pb products Easy On Oval Hook Beads

Easy to use hook beads for a variety of rigs including the 360, Ronnie, and German rigs

30 pieces per packet

Pb products Anti Tangle sleeves small

A shorter than normal anti-tangle sleeve, designed for shorter rigs.

Perfect for all knot protection, eliminating tangles, and ensuring that your hook link is pushed from the swivel when you cast,

Available in 3 colours:




20 pieces per pack

Pb products Silicone Tube

Silicone Tubes ideal for covering all varieties of Quick link swivels.

3mm wide

25cm long

20 pcs per pack

20 pieces per pack

PB Products Hook Silicone

Our Hook Silicone is strong, elastic  and with a diameter of 0.5mm, it grips the hook and keeps the hair in position on the shank of the hook.

Finished in a matte grey colour

PB Products Hit & Run Lead Clips

Available in





Pb products Hit & Run Flexi Speed Swivel

Hit & Run Flexispeed Swivel fits the Hit & Run lead clip and many others. The advantage of this “fast link” is the ring between the union nut and the link. In this way, the whole is more flexible and kicks the rig away from the lead

Pb Products Heli Chod Beads

Heli- Chod beads with an inner diameter of 5 millimetersDue to this large inner bead diameter they are perfect for making fish-friendly systems, as the bead is able to slide over any knots. Finished in the same color as the Heli-Chod rubbers which gives extra camouflage when matched against the lake bed you’re fishing over. Available in Weed and Gravel

20pcs per pack

Pb Products Heli Chod Hoods

The plastic hood in which the lead clip or swivel is housed, and a final stop / buffer for the Big Eye rig Swivel.A must for any chod rig set up.Extra small size also available for finer tuned set-ups.Available in Weed and Gravel.5 pieces per package

Pb Products Ring Speed Swivel

Size 8

8 pieces per pack

Pb products Bungee Rig Oval Rings 20pcs

Create your very own bungee rigs with the bungee elastic & bungee oval rings

A must for the creative and thinking angler, offering a range of uses

PB Products Spiral Speed Swivel

Our new spiral speed swivel, cleverly designed to quickly change your hook link.

Size 8

8 pieces per pack

PB Products Size 8 Swivels

PB Swivels are the standard size to fit all lead release clips and anti-tangle sleeves.

Matt coated for less glare under water.

20pcs per pack

PB Products Rig Rings

Matt coated, multi-purpose rings with no glare, making them less visible under water.

Perfect for sliding baits and anti-eject rigs.

Our Ring Rings have a diameter of 3.7 mm or 3mm and are therefore also suitable for larger hook types.

Avaliable in 3mm or 3.7mm
15pc per pack

PB Products Multi Link

A sturdy link clip that can be used for many functions in rig making.

Quick release and replacement of hooklinks and marker floats bieng two of the most popular.

10 per pack

PB Products Big Eye Heli Speed Swivel

Our big eyed swivel combined with a speed link.

Perfect for constructing Helicopter rigs.

Size 8

8 pcs per pack

PB Products Bait Ring Swivel

Small bait swivels incorporating a ring to slide easy over the hook

Pb products 360 Bait Screw

360 Bait Screws are the perfect mounting tool for boilies, particles and imitation baits.The metal swivel provides perfect bait rotation, a handy edge when using odd shaped baits such as tigernuts, particles, and imitation baits.Available in three colours; Clear, Black, Red.10pc per pack.

Pb products ‘Ringed’ 360 Bait Screw

Ringed Bait Screws are formed with a wide ring swivel that allows you to slide the screw over the point and barb of any hook pattern.

Unlike a ‘fixed’ position bait screw, the Ringed 360 enables extra bait movement. Perfect for attaching most baits from boilies to particles. A quick an easy alternative to tying baits on to fiddly bait swivels. Another bonus is it also pushes the bait out of the way of the hook point  during the fight.

Available in three colours; Clear, Black, Red.

10pc per pack.

Pb products Shrink Tube

Light transparent shrink tubing with a shrink rate of 3:1Perfect for creating line aligners or just covering up a hook knot and keeping everything neat and tidyThe tubing comes in 3 colours Weed, Silt, Gravel.Available in 1.6mm and 2.4mm

Pb products Bungee Elastic

Create your very own bungee rigs with the bungee elastic.

A must for the creative and thinking angler, offering a range of uses.

Pb products hit & run tail rubbers

These tail rubbers are designed to be used in conjunction with the Hit & Run leadclip. Available in three colours, Weed, Gravel, and Silt. 8pc per pack.

Pb Products Hit & Run Flexi Speed Run Ring

The PB Products Hit & Run Flexispeed Run Ring is specially designed for Hit & Run system. This special variant is carried out without a swivel. The ring to fish directly on the leader creates a shocker system what works extremely smoothly. We find this the perfect swivel for Hit & Run System

Pb Products Heli-Chod Rubbers and beads

A dual tapered sleeve to house either one or both of the rubber beads.This way you can create either a fixed helicopter rig or a running chod rig using this convienient little sleeve.The beads will detach easily from the tapered profile to ensure your rig is always safe yet effective.

Available in Weed and Gravel Also available in x-small version

3 pieces per package

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