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Pb Products Control Rod

Pb Products ControlRod Range

What beauties these Control Rods from PB Products really are! Price/quality is phenomenal, really worth every penny! These 24T/30T carbon blanks are built with Tangle Free K-Frame guides. The guides – due to their position and model of the frame – make sure the line will not tangle/wrap around the guides during the cast. Even with the strongest possible sidewind etc. The Control Rod is assembled perfectly and with it’s small, blue details it all looks like a dream. The Inox steel bottom cone looks great and gives you that quality feeling. The shrinktube foam on the handle feels solid and full of grip.

There are three different models available:

10ft 3,00lb, with 5 BKWTSG guides in the sizes 30-25-20-16-12 and a BSTST12 top-guide. Price £79.99

12ft 2.75lb with 5 BKWTSG guides in the sizes 40-30-25-20-16 and a BSTST16 top-guide. Price £84.99

12ft 3,00lb with 5 BKWTSG guides in the sizes 50-40-30-20-16 and a BSTST16 top-guide. Price £90.00

PLEASE EMAIL [email protected] if you are interested in purchasing the Control range of rods

Pb Products Royal Class

PB Products Royal Class

This exclusive rod belongs to the absolute finest in the market. It is built of the best components possible. Produced out of 30T and 40T Japanese Carbon Fibre meaning it makes these rods extremely powerful! You will feel that during the fight , without doubt. The Royal Class Rods are finished with Fuji DPS reel-seats and Sea-guide outframed BXALT 3-leg guides which are double wrapped to get the absolute best performances. These guides are extremely strong and low abrasion. The unique woven carbon top layer gives the rod extra body and stability. The RVS cone on the handle of the rod as well as the metal ring on top of the handle, looks great and shows it’s top quality. Enjoy!


10 ft 2,75lb, 6 guides in the sizes 30-25-20-16-12-10

12ft 2.75lb, 7 guides in the sizes 30-25-20-16-12-12-12

12ft 3,00lb, 6 guides in the sizes 40-30-25-20-16-16

13ft 3,50lb, 7 guides, in the sizes 40-30-25-20-16-16

35070 Royal Class 10ft 2.75lb £159.99

35075 Royal Class 12ft 2.75lb £175.99

35076 Royal Class 12ft 3lb  £184.99

35079 Royal Class 13ft 3.5lb £199.99

Pb Products Bungy Rod locks

***** Bungee Rod lock *****

Available in 3 sizes to be used on all rod types, allowing you to lock your rods in when fishing locked up in certain angling situations.

7cm – abbreviated and slim
9cm – shrink and duplon
11cm – cork

Pb Products Bungy Rod locks

PB Products Controller Round Carp Landing-net 180

Finally a net that needed to be done for all anglers to have total control even in the toughest conditions!

The Controller Round Carp Landing Net by PB has a net diameter of 80cm and a net depth of 90cm.

The 180cm one-piece handle with stainless steel cap has a non-slip grip. The Landing Net is characterised by its strong but 10mm fine net and the universal thread for all landing net blocks.

  • Net diameter: 80cm
  • Net depth: 90cm
  • super strong frame
  • Separate pocket for handle
  • Zip pocket for frame and mesh
  • Universal thread for all landing net blocks
  • strong 10mm mesh
  • small and foldable
  • 4 net floats to support buoyancy


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