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PB Products PVA Tape

A quick melt PVA tape that has multiple uses in todays carp angling.
Not only perfect for creating ‘stringers’ of boilies to add to your hook bait, PVA tape can be used to help prevent tangles on supple hook-links and mask the hook point when casting through weed.

Available on spools of 20 meters

PB Products Original PVA Set

A PVA stocking system with a diameter of 50mm, suitable for filling with boilies/maggots/pellets etc.

Ideal for creating a tight compact PVA mesh bag in seconds.

Thread down the hooklink via a stick needle or simply nick the mesh directly onto the hook point.

comes with 5 meters of PVA

Refills available

PB Products PVA Stick Refill

PB Products stick kit refill

5m refill

PB Products PVA String

A fast dissolving P.V.A string,  ideal for tying pva bags, stringers etc.


PB Products PVA Stick Kit

This is our PVA stick kit, it comes in 25mm diameter and is ideal for creating a pva stick.

Comes with 5 meters of PVA

Refills available

PB Products Original PVA Refill

PVA refill for the PB Products Original PVA Kit.

5m refill only. Does not include the tube

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