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I always like to keep things nice and simple when it comes to rigs. Yes, I play about with various presentations and try out all manner of weird and wonderful ideas at times but, when I cast at a big fish on a hard lake, I like to know that what I have on the end is tried and trusted and up to the job.

It’s no secret that I have always been a huge fan of the 360 rig, nowadays I view the ‘Ronnie Rig’ in a similar light and the basic principles are the same.

For most of my other angling that doesn’t employ a pop-up, however, I have a standard ‘Go-To’ rig that has caught me literally thousands of carp of all sizes.

Over the years I have made small changes to this rig, specifically in the balancing of the bait but now I think I have arrived at the final version, it is perfect for what I am trying to achieve and simple in its construction.

The turning point for this ultimate variation came about with two new products, firstly the PB tungsten downforce aligners and, secondly, Mainline Baits new wafter hook-baits.

The combination of these two products incorporated into this simple rig will give you a critically balanced bait and the ultimate ‘flip action’ as the hook touches the mouth.

Jelly-Wire is always my first choice for the hook-link material, in fact it is the only one I have in my tackle box and I start by stripping back about 5” from a 12” section.

I form a loop on the stripped end and then use a simple knotless knot to attach a size 8 or 6 KD curved shank hook leaving a hair long enough to allow some separation between bait and hook. Finish off by sliding the tungsten aligner into place and that, quite simply, is that!

Tie the other end to your swivel at the desired length and spear a wafter onto the hair for a perfect rig every time.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to fish pop-up’s over silt either, or light weed as it always worth trying a bait on the bottom using this method. Sometimes it’s better and sometimes it isn’t but never just assume that it will not work as it has for me on countless occasions.

I have used this rig with bottom baits, wafters, snowman presentations, tigers, and balanced tigers with chopped pop-ups.

I literally took St Ives Shallow Lagoon apart one summer using this exact rig, over a five-week period I caught most of the known big fish in the lake from an incredibly weedy swim where maximum pressure was needed to land each fish.

This little flurry culminated in the capture of a fish called Colin at well over fifty pounds and all of them came on a size 8 KD curved shank hook.

Tight line to you all hope to see you on the bank soon

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