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The D RIG.

I use this rig for fishing over heavily baited spots with boilie / boilie and particles using a wafter, snowman, or a balance tiger nut as my hook bait.

The spots are mainly silty firm spots plus gravel clay and sand are always a target but mainly the silty firm spots for me wear the carp have bin feeding on natural food items such as bloody warm.

I use this rig because I believe all the components used such as the butterfly in 20lb as it’s just stiff enough for me as I believe that makes it difficult for the carp to reject the hook and bait.
Then you have the shot on the hook bead that will be pulling the hook point down into the carps mouth.
I use the 1 gram and they also come in 2,3,4, grams and a great little edge I’ll now always use with this rig as my hook holds are always in bottom of the mouth and before they would sometimes be in the top of the mouth and that’s not ideal plus would get the odd hook pull but that has now changed.

Now we have the D section that Iv made from 25lb chod mono and by doing this my D stays exactly how I want it and with the old way of tying your D you would end up with a badly damaged D section as the rig tightens up and could only use it for probably 3 carp.
But now my D stays very strong and in the shape I want it.


20lb butterfly.
25lb chod mono.
Size 8 curved Kd hook.
Hook ring swivel.
Shot on the hook bead 1g.


•Firstly get a length of 20lb butterfly about 12 inch then tie this to a size 8 curved KD hook using the whipping knot.
Once done tie a loop in the end using a figure of eight loop knot.

•Now get 8 inches of 25lb chod mono and apply this to the hook with yet another whipping knot.

•Then simply slip on the hook ring swivel then take the tag end and put it through the eye of the hook and blob it.

•Now get your shot on the hook bead find the ready made hole and thread it on your hook just past the bend and your done.

Hope this helps you catch some lumps thanks Zak

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