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I have been experimenting over the past few months with Silkray, a braided leader material and found it to be an incredible substitute/replacement for lead core. It has the same density advantages but none of the stiffness. It will, literally, mould around anything it touches whether than be weed, stones, gravel or just general debris in your swim.

It’s very easy to splice on to your mainline and the finished result is nice and neat.

Because it hugs the contours of the bottom it means that a feeding carp is far less likely to encounter any line and spook from the area before you get the chance of a bite.

You can pick from three different colours to match the lake bed you are presenting over and keep everything nice and tight to the bottom.

Taking this a little further, on a recent trip, I tied up a hook link using the Silkray as well, as I was presenting over hard ground with tufts of short onion weed and wanted everything lying flat to the lake bed. I fished three rods that session with one on the Silkray as a leader and hook link and received one bite, on the silk ray rod.

I have now got it loaded on all three rods as a leader and will be further experimenting with the hook link theory, I’ll let you know how I get on.

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