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Meet The Team

Zachary ‘Zak’ Taylor
U.K. pb: mirror 34.8 common 31.2 leather 30.2
Overseas pb: NA
Favourite venue: private estate lakes.
Favourite Method: boilies with particles and a pop up.

I started my fishing adventures At the age of nine fishing my local park lake/Townlake trying to catch anything that would take my single red maggot.
Believe me that wasn’t an easy task but I would sit and watch the men that could…. but most would be fishing in a very strange way that I had never seen before and that was carp fishing hunched up behind three rods they would hardly move and didn’t give anything away.
Then one day I finally had that bite the float popped under and I strike reeling stupidly fast which made the reel turn into a Birds nest. I was in tears as you could imagine at the age of ten lol I soon got the tangle out and to my surprise there was a fish on the end still I couldn’t believe it.
I didn’t know what it was as never seen one before but it was a gudgeon and proud I was.I ended up meeting Ian heaps one day at the same lake I was doing much better by now but would keep dropping the roach on the way in on retrieval.
Ian had seen me losing the roach one after another and kindly popped over to give me some advise I dearly needed.he was doing a kids teaching day that day to my left and knew what I was doing wrong and that I was retrieving to fast so he sold me to slow down.simple but I didn’t know any better lesson learnt that day.
Couple years later I started match fishing for a local fishing club and carried learning along the way and ended up bored of catching so many small fish and one day I was back at the park lake/Townlake and I seen the thing I would never see it was one of the carp anglers holding a huge carp I was blown away the smile on the mans face told me all I needed to know and why he waited so long to have the special moment.
So I just had to try and catch these elusive carp I would hardly see I tried and tried I would buy boilies that was no good and one day I seen carp on the top I couldn’t believe it so I got some bread and free lined a chunk of soft fresh bread and boom was in straight away it went crazy the waves it was making I was a little scared to be honest and after what felt an hour she was mine all 10lb of her or him I went on to catch 3 carp that amazing day biggest about 14lb and I was hooked that was the start of my carping adventure that’s brought me to today and them memories will be with me forever.
Happy catching people.

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