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Meet The Team

Name:Shaun Atkinson
Uk pb:44lbs tin opener,Errics Willows
Favourite method:find them feed them catch them.
Favourite bait:mainline
Other sponsors:summit tackle,mainline,hull particles,lump leads.

I’ve been a fisherman since I was a boy and the passion has never left me! I’ve been carp angling now for around 25yrs and I love it as much today as I did when I first picked up a carp rod all those years ago!!
I take part in the carp match scene and have done for the last 8yrs and enjoy them immensely!! I have like most anglers a family and work commitments so I fit my fishing in to suit these, I enjoy day sessions as much as longer sessions as you really need to work at it when you’ve only a short amount of time on the bank.
I enjoy fishing all types of lakes from big open pits too small intricate lakes but it’s the big open pits that really get me going!!!!
Tight lines

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