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PB Products – Hand tied ready made Ronnie Rigs.

PB have launched 2 style of ready made Ronnie Rigs, both rigs hand tied and available in 2 sizes of hook, in “soft” or “stiff” versions.

Size 4 Curved KD hook, Soft or Stiff versions
Size 6 Curved KD Hook, Soft or Stiff versions

The difference between the 2 rigs is the rig material.

The first being constructed with PB’s super supple “SILKRAY” hooklink and the second constructed with the super stiff “GHOST BUTTERFLY” fluorocarbon. Giving you a stiff or soft hook link option depending on what type of bottom you are fishing over. With the Silkray contouring the lake bed and the butterfly being virtually invisible on a flatter bottom.

If rig tying is not your forte be sure to give the new PB Products Ronnie rigs a try !

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