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KD Rig

The KD rig is an extremely cunning rig. Balance your bait well and it will land perfectly on the hook. The hook is flat on the bottom with the bait half on / off. This makes the hook stand out very little.

With bait intake it is also super-fast in the mouth of the carp and the very strong Curve of the Curved KD-Hook will prick the fish super-fast. No need for heat shrink and aligners. The presentation therefore becomes very subtle and that is exactly the difference on dressage waters. The KD-rig is equipped with Speed ​​Swivel 8 in combination with an Anti Tangle Sleeve. The whole is knotted with Jelly Wire 25lb and therefore very, very reliable. Put it in once and you’ll notice.

The color indication on the KD-rig packaging is PURPLE

-Jelly Wire 25lb

-Curved KD-Hook

-Speed ​​Swivel 8

-Anti Tangle Sleeve

sizes #4 #6 #8

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