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Meet The Team

Name John Salt. Age 37. Occupation Stonemason. Uk PB Mirror 42lb 8oz Common 32lb 12oz.
Favourite Venue Ringstead.
Favourite Method Find em, Feed plenty of Boilies, Catch em.
About Me
I have been carp angling for 26 years, although I was going fishing with Dad from a younger age learning all the different methods. I travel all over the country to fish for Carp that I would like to catch for one reason or another, I will think nothing of driving a 200 mile round trip after work just to walk round or bait up to keep upto date with the carps movements as I feel it helps to piece the Jigsaw together quicker and keep ahead of the game. I have 2 children so my sessions are short as work and family must come first so I have to do everything to stack the odds up in my favour to get the rewards I want while on the bank. I have met some Great people along the way and some have become extremely good lifelong friends and good memories are a plenty with Alot more to be made. I have been using PB Products for some years now with many Big Carp coming to these products. They are products I have 100% confidence and know they will never let me down which just leaves me to find the carp to catch. If you see me on the bank the kettle is always on or at shows just come and say hello.

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