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Combi-Rig Stiff

A line with a small change compared to the Combi Rig Soft. This Combi Rig is knotted with the very rigid Skinless and therefore more suitable for long throws and for more cautious  carp.

The very rigid Skinless line material ensures a lot more pressure on the hook point during bait recording. Skinless “bends” under a slight tension. Simply a good Stiff Combi Rig by stripping Skinless for 1/3. The coating is so stiff that a combination knotted with fluorescent carbon and braid has no better effect. The Combi Rig Stiff Coated is also equipped with Speed ​​Swivel and Anti Tangle Sleeve. A rig that is very difficult to confuse because of the rigid Skinless. The Skinless is a perfect holder, even when landing the rig on the bottom, this Skinless really pushes the bait away from the lead.

The color indication of the Combi Rig Stiff Cotead packaging is YELLOW


-Skinless 25lb

-Speed ​​Swivel 8

-Anti Tangle Sleeve

-Short Shank Aligner

-Super Strong Hook

sizes #4 #6 #8

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