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Combi – Rig Soft

A classic line suitable for the most diverse situations. By using the Jelly Wire leader material, we have ensured that the rig feels very natural and also has good anti-tangle properties.

This means that this rig can be used on many waters. The Combi Rig Soft Coated says it all. Part of the hook has been made coating-free for a natural presentation while about 2/3 retains its coating. A Super Strong hook is attached to the Combi Rig and is equipped with a Short Shank Aligner. This makes this Combi puncture very quickly. The Combi Rig Soft Coated Rigs are also equipped with Speed ​​Swivel and Anti Tangle Sleeve. In short, good materials, suitable for all PB Products systems and perfectly knotted.


The color indication of the Combi Rig Soft Coated packaging is RED


-Jelly Wire 25lb

-Speed ​​Swivel 8

-Anti Tangle Sleeve

-Short Shank Aligner

-Super Strong Hook

sizes #4 #6 #8

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