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Bungy Rig

An ingenious rig to seduce shy carp. The PB Products Bungy Rig. What makes this rig so special? Carp on heavily fished water are familiar with the fact that some baits result in a hook prick after ingestion. These carp “play” with the bait.

They take it slowly and soon they feel the tendency of the line. This goes suddenly and quickly. This is not the case with the Bungy Rig. The bottom line extends less suddenly (the elastic stretches along with it) and the moment the Armabraid stretches into the elastic, the hook point shoots inwards. Too late! After taking the bait, it is difficult for a carp to lose the hook that is on this line because the Bungy Elastic creates a lot of counter pressure on the hook point. This will cause the carp to panic and eventually run away with a blood run as a result.

The color indication on the Bungy Rig packaging is LIGHT BLUE


-Armabraid 25lb

-Bungy Oval Rig Ring

-Bungy Elastic

-Swivel 8

-Anti Eject Hook

-Short Shank Aligner


sizes #4 #6 #8

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