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Meet The Team

Name – ben gill

Age – 25

occupation – floor layer

UK pb – 49lb 4oz mirror

Overseas pb – 69lb 8oz common

Fav method – surface fishing or watching them close in stalking the buzz when they take your bait

fav bait – hemp – sweetcorn it is a bait that works everywhere and anywhere

i started my carp fishing in 2005 on cheshire day tickets and spent most of my weekends on poynton pool catching my first 20+carp off there Then as i grew older started travelling further afield down to oxford fishing a lot on the linear site and a few trips a year over to france

france is where i got the buzz for the big fish and continued to go until i had caught one of the big girls which i managed in october 2016 when i caught what was known as the hump back common at 69lb 8oz WHAT A BUZZ THAT WAS

Erics willows – well started on willows april 2017 the aim one of the big girls in total i fished 18 nights between april and august for 16 fish 2x45lb+ 3×30+ 7×20+ 4 doubles the highlight awol @ 49lb 4oz

My aim for 2018 is to get a personal best common carp and fish a new venue that holds some lovely oxford stunners so fingers crossed

And a massive thank you to PBproducts i have 100% confidence in there products

my personal favourite the jelly wire 25lb and size 4 jungle hooks.

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