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Meet The Team

Name: Daniel Howe

Age: 27

Occupation: Customer & Trading Manager

Region: West Yorkshire

UK Mirror: 29lb 9ozs

UK Common: 38lbs

Not fished abroad so no foreign pbs.


About myself : I have been fishing now for around 14 years and initially got in to the sport through TV programmes, from the likes of John Wilson, Matt Hayes etc. I decided I wanted to give it a go and I set off down to my local canal one day and never looked back, with an obsession very quickly born. From there I progressed on to the rivers and then local club lakes where the Carp bug struck. I began to have a go at targeting Carp in 2006, indulging in what is still to this day my favourite method – surface fishing. In 2007 I spent two years studying Fisheries Management and it was in this period that I learnt a lot more about the whole industry as well as developing myself further as an angler with the help of some good people (You know who you are). After this I went in to Uni and angling had to take a back seat a lot of the time from 2009-2012 simply due to being away from home, but then afterwards things started to click in to place as I began seriously pursuing the Carp in my local club lakes and a few other venues.


At present I am fishing on the Selby Syndicate and will be joining a new lake in Lincolnshire in 2019. I prefer more intimate fishing and lakes with plenty of features to find and work out and generally try to get out for 48hrs a week where work allows. I’ve used PB products gear on and off for a good few years and joined the Promo Team early 2018 and it has now formed an integral part of my fishing. I’m a big believer in keeping things simple and my favourite product from PB would definitely be the Hit n Run system. I’m also a Consultant for Core Baits and a Team member for Hull Particle and Powapacs. Thanks to the guys at PB for the opportunity and tight lines to all.